EREBA (17 to 21 kW)

Product overview


The EREBA air-to-water heat pump is designed for heating and cooling applications in new, existing individual homes and small businesses models. When installed alone, EREBA is compatible with low to medium temperature emitters (underfloor heating, fan coil units, water cassettes, radiators, mixed installations, etc.). EREBA is also compatible with medium to high temperature emitters for boiler backup operation. The EREBA heat pump is installed outside in an open area, ideally as close as possible to the boiler room. Each device is tested in the factory and delivered ready for operation.


Three-phase reversible heat pump

2 models available, sizes 17 and 21

Range of use:

Cooling capacity: 16 to 20 kW


EREBA is a range of Air/Water packaged reversible heat pumps designed for new or existing installations:

  • New or renovated single family homes as back up operation
  • Small business premises.

With a maximum heating temperature of 60°C (57°C for size 21), these heat pumps can be connected to all types of emitter: radiators, fan coil units or underfloor heating systems. EREBA range is designed to be installed outdoors


Features & benefits

  • R410A refrigerant
  • Complete integrated hydraulic module: variable speed accelerator pump, 8L expansion tank, screen filter, safety valve
  • Installation in series up to 4 units
  • INVERTER Twin Rotary DC compressor
  • Superior frost protection with integrated electric heat trace cable
  • WUI remote control terminal supplied as standard
  • Communication with CMS using Modbus protocol or control via potential-free (dry) contacts
  • Eurovent certification