Where can I buy CIAT equipment?

If you are a contractor or end user you can purchase CIAT equipment via CIAT directly.

I am a large end user company and would like to discuss setting up a purchase agreement with CIAT, who do I speak to?

If you have a large requirement/rollout programme and you would like to discuss this with CIAT directly, you can contact us on +32 2.414.80.80 or alternatively send an email to [email protected] and we will contact you to discuss your requirements.

Which units are best suited for a domestic application?

In this case the most suitable units would be the Ereba air to water packaged heatpumps or the or GEOCIAT water to water range of heatpumps) For more information on the residential range please visit the relevant product pages on our website or contact your local Sales representative / distributor.

Which units are best suited for a general office application?

CIAT manufacture a complete range of equipment suitable for commercial premises, should this be for a single small water fan coil unit in a small office or a 1000 room office / hotel. All these units are designed to offer superior energy efficiency and the highest reliability available in today’s market. As well as individual fan coil units CIAT manufacture a full range of Air Handling Units, air to water & water to water chillers & heatpumps to compliment the installation. You can view the full product ranges on our website at the link below, or alternatively contact one of our approved distributors for advice.

What is the difference between residential and commercial equipment?

The residential range is predominately aimed at domestic and smaller office spaces with small compact units that are aesthetically pleasing and typically smaller capacity of cooling and heating, whereas the commercial range is aimed at larger office and industrial applications and is designed to link into more sophisticated control systems such as BMS and other control logics. For prices on the two sections please contact CIAT direct via [email protected].

Can the equipment heat as well as cool?

Yes. CIAT water chillers & packaged rooftop units that heat as well as cool are referred to as ‘heat-pump’ systems. These systems are either reversible type fitted with additional valves pre-fitted to the outdoor unit that can reverse the flow of refrigerant cycle. Or in the case of larger water / water heatpumps, the control logic is changed from cooling setpoint to heating setpoint, where the refrigerant cycle in the unit stays the same but the two external water circuits are reversed. Both types can offer significant energy savings over conventional heating systems.

What should I do to ensure my unit runs effectively and efficiently this summer?

Dirty / partially blocked heat exchangers reduce the cooling and heating performance of your equipment and increase your electricity consumption and energy bills. Regular cleaning of filters on fan coil units and outdoor coils ensures your system operates at its optimum performance & energy efficiency, & reduces the risk of premature component failure.

Which controls come as standard?

For chillers & heatpumps the controllers supplied for each separate range are standard, Ereba & GEOCIAT are supplied with the CS1B room controller. Small capacity water / water reversible heatpumps (Dynaciat ILG range) are supplied with the Microconnect type controller. The larger air cooled & water cooled chillers & heatpumps are supplied either with the CIAT connect2 / Xtraconnect2 or the Connect Touch controllers.

What refrigerant does my system run on?

Toshiba systems are designed to run on high performance refrigerant R410a which is an environmentally friendly refrigerant and has a zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential).

How do I obtain support on my unit?

To obtain support of your Toshiba equipment you will need contact your original supplier of the equipment who will be able to offer guidance. Should you have a issue during the warranty period you can contact [email protected].

Should you wish technical support, you can contact CIAT technical direct [email protected], who will be able to offer assistance.

How do I use my CIAT unit controller?

Dependent on the type of controller which you have there are different settings. Using the following link you will be able to locate the owner’s manual for your controller.

How do I get my unit serviced?

We recommend that your air conditioning system should be serviced in accordance with the details in the unit IO&M. Regular routine maintenance by your CIAT service provider will ensure that your system operates efficiently. It may be necessary to service your air conditioning system more regularly dependent on its location and application. For service & aftersales assistance please contact [email protected].

What is the life span of a CIAT unit?

The expected run time of a CIAT unit 15-25 years dependent on usage and application. This figure is based on units being serviced and maintained in accordance with the unit IO&M maintenance guidelines & to F-Gas regulations & limitations of use as set out in each unit installation, operation & maintenance documentation.

What are the warranty terms and conditions?

CIAT is at the forefront of warranty protection for customers setting the industry’s leading warranty terms; 3, 5, 6 and 7 years. How can we do this? CIAT manufacturing processes, innovative high quality components, and dedication to training professionals ensure that we have an extremely low failure rate.

How do I make a claim if my unit was to fail?

If in the unlikely event your unit was to fail within your warranty period you would need to contact your original installer/supplier who will initiate the warranty claim with CIAT directly.